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Presentation to Women in Economic and Leadership Development. PDF


Presentation at the 2013 ADVANCE Conference: REACH for Commercialization: Strategies to Inspire Female Entrepreneurship. REACH Poster Presentation

Presentation on Peer Mentoring at the 2013 Mentoring Conference at the University of New Mexico. Download Powerpoint Presentation

Presentation at the 2013 Oxford Women's Leadership Symposium in Oxford, England. Powerpoint Presentation (in pdf form)


CEOS Winter 2010 Leadership Workshop: Strategies for Recruiting to Increase Diversity, presented by Dr. Wayne Jones and Dr. Carol Fierke.

Information and concrete advice from STRIDE (a University of Michigan committee that is part of UM’s ADVANCE program) will be shared. These strategies make searches more successful in producing diverse candidate pools and hiring the most desired candidates. Download Powerpoint presentation.

CEOS April 23, 2010 presentations to the Alumni Advisory Council of The Ohio State University, presented by Dr. Joan Herbers and Dr. Mary Juhas.

Information on Project CEOS and the ADVANCE program at NSF and the impact on institutional transformation at OSU.  Download Powerpoint presentation.

The importance of Women and diversity in the STEM fields.  Download Powerpoint presentation.

CEOS Spring 2010 Leadership Workshop: Leveraging Diversity by Dr. Scott Page.

Discussion of how groups that display a range of perspectives outperform groups of like-minded experts and other issues related to the importance of organizational diversity.  Open presentation.

CEOS Team Meetings with External Advisory Committee given July 28th-30th

Presentations given to our EAC on the progress of our project to date.  General update given by Dr. Joan Herbers. 

CEOS Fall 2010 Leadership Workshop: CEOS- What have we learned?, presented by Dr. Joan Herbers

This workshop will offer an update on the programs and research findings of CEOS.  Best practices will be shared related to mentoring, a healthy department culture, and entrepreneurial training.  Future direction for CEOS will also be offered.  Download PowerPoint presentation


Presentation to Women Faculty – April 2009
Overview of gender equity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).
Download Powerpoint presentation (1.6mb)

CEOS Spring 2009 Leadership Workshop: Gender Equity and Culture Issues Impacting STEM – May 2009
Welcome and update on CEOS, Gender and STEM: equity issues at the national level, Ohio State cultural issues.
Download Powerpoint presentation (620kb)

CEOS Pre-Fall 2009 Leadership Workshop:  Leading Change presented by Dr. Anne Massaro, Office of Human Resources Project Manger, Project CEOS Co-PI

Download presentation

Presentation to President's Council on Women - October 8, 2009

Update on Project CEOS and future plans and developments.

Download Powerpoint presentation

Dr. Mary Ann Mason's Presentation at the Ohio State University - October 8. 2009

Annual Women's Reception: Do Babies Matter in Academia

Download Powerpoint presentation


Calling the Circle: A Peer Mentoring Approach

Poster Presentation for NSF ADVANCE Annual PI Meeting - October 29 & 30, 2009

Download Poster Presentation

Project Reach: Entrepreneurship for Women STEM Faculty

Presentation given to the Council of Deans, The Ohio State University, Dr. Joan Herbers, December 15, 2009

Download Powerpoint presentation


Presentation to Executive Committees of Participating Colleges – December 2008
Overview of NSF ADVANCE Program and Project CEOS.
Download Powerpoint presentation (1.0mb)